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Should we use devices for poor posture?

Do long work days at a desk contribute to back pain? As more jobs shift toward being trapped at a desk for hours at a time, healthcare providers are noticing an increase in patients presenting with poor posture that contributes to an increase in pain throughout their neck and back. Unfortunately, this is a negative [...]


Is it possible to maintain running speed when aging?

According to Dr. DeVita, the answer is yes! We know that as you age, there is a decrease in aerobic endurance, or the body’s ability to use the oxygen we breathe. This however does not mean that you become slower; it simply means that running at the same speed is more difficult. Dr. Paul DeVita [...]


Run Happy!

The weather is finally starting to feel more like spring and the days are getting longer. It seems that everyone in DC is getting outside to enjoy the sunshine! Because so many of you may be dusting off the running shoes after a cold, icy winter, we here at SET Sports Physical Therapy want to [...]


Welcome to our newest team member, Ashley!

Hi! I’m Ashley, the newest SET Sports Physical Therapy team member. I’m a physical therapist and I just started working in the Washington DC office. I’m so excited to be here! I’ll be blogging periodically about topics that are interesting or new in the physical therapy field, but if there’s any topic you’d like me [...]


Roll It Away

Foam Rollers? What is that? Have you ever noticed a Styrofoam roll in your gym and wondered what it is and what it is used for? Foam rollers are used to stretch muscle and fascia. Fascia is a layer of connective tissue that surrounds muscle. Often times this fascia gets bound up into fibrous sheets [...]