SetPT is the best physical therapy center I have ever used. Not only are they skilled, helped my pain and mobility but the therapist is also a wonderful person and has become a ‘friend’.


Having Erika as a physical therapist has changed my life! She helped me to be able to walk again without pain for the first time in years! When my doctors didn’t know what was wrong with me and gave up, she continued to perform her own research and patiently try new treatment options to help me get better. Not only did she provide physical therapy support, she provided emotional support that went above and beyond her responsibilities! She ultimately helped me to find the best doctors and get the right diagnosis. She is not only smart and extremely talented but kind, caring and compassionate. I count my blessings every day that I was able to find her and work with her through my medical issues!

I have to give a “high five” to SetPT, specifically to Stacy & Alison. I have been on vacation in the West doing a lot of hiking. My knee is what it is. But the Achilles tendinosis is gone. At no time did I feel pain, soreness, etc. In fact I believe it has made my knee much better because my walk is more natural. 


Ashley Baker is a highly skilled physical therapist that turned the pain of recovery into a pleasure. Ashley treated me multiple times a week for over a year for various ailments with my nerves, arm, and back. This was my first experience seeing a professional physical therapist and I’ll admit that when I first visited Ashley, I had no idea how important it would be to select the right practitioner. Treatment for the “hidden” injuries I had can be a long and arduous process, requiring consistent treatment, dedication, and patience – all qualities that Ashley exhibited. Each week, Ashley was attentive in assessing the status of my injuries, adjusted my treatment accordingly, and made sure that I was progressing. I am happy to say that I have been pain free for over a year. The extra icing on the cake was that through it all, Ashley always had a smile on her face (which can be quite challenging at 6 and 7 am on a Monday). I noticed this not only with me, but also with the other patients she treated. They all enjoyed interacting with Ashley, which is important when you need treatment for such a prolonged period of time. All in all, I highly recommend Ashley Baker.


For the first time, I am addressing physical issues that I have not before, am getting stronger and experiencing less pain.


I began going to Chris Estafanous for physical therapy after spinal fusion surgery. I cannot speak highly enough of his abilities and wish I would have found him years ago. Ten years ago, I was in a car accident and found that I could not move without pain: no more dancing, running, sailing, etc.

Eventually, depression and chronic, debilitating pain became normal. But during my fourth pregnancy two years ago, the pain intensified. There were days and weeks where I could not stand up straight, or move my head more than slightly, and the numbness in my arms and hands prevented me from functioning normally. With four young children and worsening pain and numbness, my primary doctor said I absolutely needed the surgery.

I am confident in saying that my life would have been very different had Chris been practicing as a physical therapist here at the time of my accident. I am equally confident that I would have been able to avoid having so intense a surgery – if any at all – because of Chris’s skill, intuition, knowledge, dedication, and ability to treat a patient as a whole person rather than as a carrier of individual, unrelated aches and pains.

I also have seen Chris give 110% to each of his patients and inspire confidence and loyalty. He is a gifted, intuitive healer who is equally helpful and inspiring to high school athletes as he is to elderly folks dealing with chronic conditions.

Chris doesn’t guilt you into doing your home exercise routine either. He encourages you in a way that makes you feel like you have a partner who cares about your recovery as much as you do. It is sincere. He is a motivating coach. In fact, he has worked successfully with professional sports teams before moving to VA. See the pictures hanging in his office. He is professional, engaged and personable. From my experience, his demeanor has also created a sense of camaraderie among his patients like I have not seen in ten years of going to physical therapy. That is not only because of his good-natured personality but also because of the results he achieves.

Just before Christmas, Chris sent me to a wonderful pain management doctor in DC, whose use of adult stem cells has led to diseased discs rejuvenating themselves. In my case, the doctor removed a small amount of scar tissue and osteoarthritis in a five-minute procedure. Right away I had full range motion in my neck. I am incredibly thankful for Chris’ recommendation and his ability to zero-in on the problem that no other physical therapist or doctor did: even those with the benefit of x-rays and MRIs. That alone was enough to show me there is something special and different about his work. And I am forever grateful for his help and insight.

For the first time, I am addressing physical issues that I have not before, am getting stronger and experiencing less pain. I have complete confidence in him as a practitioner of physical therapy (Chris has a doctorate in his field). I know that he has me on the right path. So much so that I wrote my first yelp review about his work. Chris Estafanous is an excellent, dedicated and extremely well-trained physical therapist. Highly, highly recommend!


Having been to numerous physical therapists over the years for various issues, I consider myself most fortunate to have been under the care of Stacy Hund for treatment of lower back pain.

Stacy’s recommended course of treatment is not the “cookie cutter” version received at other PT facilities. Her knowledge of the musculoskeletal system is second to none and she customizes each patient’s sessions through dry needling, soft tissue work, and/or exercise. She works muscle by muscle, disc by disc, and joint by joint to resolve the underlying cause of discomfort and restore quality of life. Stacy thinks “outside the box” to get to the core of the problem and is never at a loss for new things to try if something isn’t working well enough. Because of my sessions with her, the mechanical issues with my lower back have been resolved and I am now able to resume a variety of exercises. Not only is Stacy the most skilled and knowledgeable PT I have been treated by, she is also the most compassionate and dedicated. I am confident she will improve one’s mobility and function and that one will also miss seeing her when released from treatment. If an issue is able to be corrected non-surgically, Stacy will figure out a way to do so.


My experience at SET was terrific. While I was home on leave serving for an international development organization, my physical therapist, Chris, helped me rehabilitate my knee, to enable return to my country of service. With the unique one-on-one attention, I felt supremely confident that things were being done right; which is crucial when you only have one chance. Chris customized the rehab program for my distinct circumstances, and time schedule. Not only did I have a speedy recovery, I made a great friend while doing it.


I would recommend Stacy to anyone who is suffering and looking for a long-term fix.

In 2003, I began to experience debilitating migraine headaches, often up to 20 times per month. I saw several neurologists, tried various prescription drugs, removed all potential triggers from my diet and still no sustainable relief.

My stepmom saw an article about a headache clinic in Chicago and I decided to make the trip. After a 5 minute examination, the neurologist said he thought my migraines were related to issues caused in my neck and upper back by my scoliosis. I had been diagnosed 30 years ago with scoliosis with the largest curve measuring 40 degrees. I had worn a brace until I stopped growing but hadn’t had any issues during my adult life, or so I thought.

The Chicago neurologist suggested physical therapy and pilates. I found Stacy Hund of SET Therapy via my athletic club and have been seeing her for almost 2 years.

Stacy took an immediate interest in not only trying to relieve my pain but also helping me to have better “body awareness” so I could recognize the muscular triggers of my headaches. She even attended a continuing education course focused on the use of pilates for scoliosis and brought back some props that I use every time I exercise.

Stacy explained that it’s more likely that the pain I feel in my neck and upper back is caused by constricted muscles on the opposite side of my body. She showed me how to ease the tension in these muscles and taught me exercises and stretches that I can do to elongate my shortened muscles to prevent them from tightening up.

Stacy is very patient and is able to motivate you to do exercises that may be time consuming and sometimes painful but will result in a better quality of life. I completely trust Stacy and have recommended her to several friends, family members, and coworkers.

My monthly migraine toll is down to just a few each month and the pain is much more manageable and as an added bonus, the winging of my shoulder caused from the scoliosis is less noticeable.

I would recommend Stacy to anyone who is suffering and looking for a long-term fix. You must be willing to put in the time required and to accept that the program she teaches you may be for the rest of your life. I only wish that I had known 20 years ago how specific exercises modified for my scoliosis would not only make for a prettier back but also prevent a decade of headaches.


Erika’s holistic approach coupled with her genuine caring disposition is a rare find.

It all started with my lower back pain. After receiving a diagnosis of herniated discs in my lower back (L-5, S-1) from a, well renowned orthopedic surgeon at Hospital for Special Surgery as a follow up, he recommended physical therapy sessions with Erika.

Initially I was very skeptical since my visits to other PTs in the past were disappointing and waste of time. Housed in factory setting I was passes along from one station to next, my treatments and PT interactions were brief. The PTs focused on alleviating symptoms without consideration of the cause, while often distracted by having to keep pace of handling the volume of constantly overbooked patients. After few rudimentary visits, they shoved copies of antiquated exercises in my face and told me I should try them at home. What a turn off. Within an instant meeting Erika, I knew she was a talented PT and the kind of therapist I had been seeking.

In our initial session, we sat for 2 hours discussing what was going on with my body. Erika understood that treating an injury doesn’t start or stop at the trigger point. She gathered data from doctors’ reports and analysis augmenting with her own research & experience to triangulate the best way to treat the cause and came up with a game plan that worked for me. In addition, Erika proactively reached out to my doctors on my behalf to give them her feedback and input.

She gave me simple instructions and exercises that I could do anywhere- at home, at my desk in the office and even on the subway. All simple but very effective ways that I could work into my active lifestyle to strengthen muscles and alleviate my pain. More importantly, every step of the way, Erika explained what was going on with my body so that I could fully appreciate contributing factors to my pain- internally and externally. Within several sessions I started to feel better. Since then I’ve been able to incorporate all Erika has taught me to remain pain free.

Uniquely Erika’s sessions are one-on-one only from start to finish, so that she provides intimate care to her patients. In the world of heath care where quantity trumps quality of care you receive, Erika’s holistic approach coupled with her genuine caring disposition is a rare find. And quite special. Wholeheartedly I would recommend Erika (and often do) to patients who are seeking talented and caring PT to rejuvenate their sense of well-being.

A. O

Very professional Physical Therapist that cares for his patients. He goes out of his way for you to have a positive experience but at the same time challenges you with many different exercises to improve your health.

My therapy with Chris Estafanous is coming to a close because I am now close to 100%!

Chris Estafanous has been truly a blessing to me!

I began going to Chris in June after surgery for a severe humerus break and insertion of a plate in my upper arm. Everyone who has seen me in the last six months has remarked on my phenomenal progress! I attribute most of this to Chris.

To fellow customers at the local Deli and Pub, to neighbors on our street, to friends at Church – whenever I saw people in the last six months – I have sung the praises of MY physical therapist and encouraged them to seek him out if they or family members had a need.

To me, competence is always what I look for first in a health professional. There is no question in my mind that Chris Estafanous is highly competent. Besides this, he is caring with a capital C. There is also no question in my mind that he cares for all of his patients. (I have observed his interactions with patients of all ages over the last six months.) Yet, he makes you feel that you are his only patient. And he motivates you to work with him during the sessions and at home.

Besides competence and caring, Chris has a cheerful personality and a great sense of humor. This makes for an environment that is welcoming to the patient.

Again, I thank God that he directed me to Chris Estafanous.


I’m an older guy who still thinks he’s young and therefore am my own worst enemy and was a bit skeptical about PT initially.

Ashley Baker changed all that by providing thorough, thoughtful, and very insightful diagnostics and then gently yet firmly pushing me through the work I needed to do to heal.

She gracefully weaves together teaching, directing, and encouraging. I also got to watch her with other patients (while doing my various exercises) and saw how she engages each one in a manner customized to who they are and what they need. She also has a wonderful dry wit, which can be really helpful given how repetitive PT can be.

I came away as a believer in PT, very thankful for Ashley’s investment in me, smarter about my body, and with my problems fixed (until I mess it up again). And yes, when I went back for a new ailment, I asked for her specifically.


It was my good fortune to be assigned to Ashley Baker for physical therapy. I was frustrated by the idea of having to commit so much time and energy, especially time, to healing my rotator cuff injury. The prognosis was uncertain. I didn’t have the time to do the things I already had on my plate; how would I find time for this, and how long could I keep it up? After a thorough evaluation, Ashley and I set out on our journey. It wasn’t long before I began to look forward to my sessions. Ashley is very professional but warm and her concern for the patient comes through. She is a talented therapist who is punctual, treats her patients with respect, and maintains complete and timely communication with the patient’s doctor. She even recommended a new orthopedic surgeon to me when I was dissatisfied with the one I had gone to. Her recommendation was spot on and largely responsible for the success of the surgery and healing. At the end of my time with Ashley, she sent me home with the instructions and tools I needed for a successful recovery. I would not hesitate to use her again should I need physical therapy.


A few years ago I unfortunately sustained two injuries to my right leg within 3 months: one related to my foot, and one related to my knee. I went to an orthopedist each time, and physical therapy was never suggested. I was lucky enough to heal without surgery, but my mobility and strength were both compromised. I had always been pretty active, but these injuries had me in pain performing even the most rudimentary tasks: walking up and down stairs, for instance. I made the conscious decision to somehow get “back to normal.” At the same time SET Physical Therapy opened at my health club, and I was lucky enough to meet Stacy Stebbins Hund. She began treating my injuries and helping me rehabilitate my leg. Within about 6 months, my mobility and leg strength were back to near normal. Thanks to her, I am able to fully enjoy all the physical activities in which I participated prior to my injuries: biking, walking, hiking, jogging, tennis. I continue to see Stacy periodically whenever I have issues with my leg/foot. I have complete trust in her professional abilities, and I feel beyond fortunate to have her as my Physical Therapist!


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